Monthly Archives: March 2017

Laurelton Community Quilt: Update

The Arts and Crafts class and I have come a long way with the completion of the Laurelton Community Quilt. The students have chosen...   Read More

Web Design

This week I was able to do one on one sessions with some of the students, during this time Ezra Davis met the goal...   Read More

Water Quilt is complete!

Last week we finished two major projects that we spent the last two months working on. We finished our quilt by adding LED’s and...   Read More

Big Plans

The sixth grade has made some progress with their storefront project. Their final project are the combined dioramas of a better Laurelton and Merrick...   Read More

Trayvon Lives On

The eighth grade STEAM participants at Linden SDA have completed a mini photo project they titled “Trayvon Lives On”, honoring the death and life...   Read More

Water is a Human Right

Last week the students created designs to make water activist signs. After three design iterations, students created a final iteration for hole punching.  They...   Read More

WED DESIGN (Macon Library)

Over the past few Wednesdays, students at the Macon Library location have been introduced to web design using the platform. So far the...   Read More

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