Monthly Archives: September 2017

Show Me What You Got

Are You Next ? A phrase I reformed into a question to promote greatness. When I ask my clients or my students are you...   Read More

It’s A New Day

  Its hard to tell who is more excited the kids or myself. Its gratifying to see the kids from last year have advanced...   Read More

Web Design

The students were broken up into GROUPS and were taught how to create pages and image links. This was done by having them create...   Read More

Meet Art Facilitator Josette Roberts!

Hello All! I thought the best way to close out a successful week one at Macon Library is with an introduction. My name is...   Read More

We’ve Only Just Begun!

During the first week of art for this new school year 2017, the students in grades 6,7, and 8 have just begun to discuss and...   Read More

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