Defense : 101

Defense sets the tone, separates winners from losers and wins championships. Good principles are learned and earned. Good form begins with a base. Get...   Read More

Survey Says…

The students at Linden SDA want to improve the environment they workout and play in. Mr. Lee and Coach Laps brought their students to...   Read More

Step It Up…

After breaking into teams and surveying the gym the true dimensions are 70 feet (Length) by 49.5 feet (Width) by 25 feet (Height). Some students took...   Read More

3D Printing for the holidays with hand designed ornaments!

  6th & 8th grade students at the Linden SDA school are ready for the holiday season! Over the past 3 weeks, the students...   Read More

Tis’ The Season

The youth of Linden SDA participants have been putting their skills to the test. After warming up with full court drills the students have...   Read More

Trivia Time

Mr. Lee and Coach Laps put the students memory and listening skills to the test. Both facilitators formulated questions based on historical information of...   Read More

Sky Is The Limit

The 6th, 7th & 8th grade students of Linden SDA have been breaking into teams and have been competing against each other in weekly...   Read More

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