Trey Whitfield School

Animation Has Begun

3D Screen shot vs Final JPG

Screen Shot Rough DRAFT = NOT edited Normally you would want to do a screen shot for a quick preview. Render JPG Version LEFT...   Read More

Duplication Phase

The students are still creating all the parts. During this section we see the flowers and garden beds duplicated. It is easier to duplicate...   Read More

Cabbage Chemistry

Acids and Bases experiment!!! So, we used red cabbage as an indicator, to test different pH levels in a few liquids, such as… Salt...   Read More

Digital Media: November In Review

Trey Whitfield Middle School Students of SONYC / DIVAS / STEAM further their narrative storytelling skills by moving into full-production processes that they built...   Read More

Our Roots Vol. I! An Herbal Zine

For the past several weeks, the students at Trey Whitfield have been learning about some very important herbs. These are plants that historical have...   Read More


This short film about plastic wast, showed the participants how artists used Giant replicas of a standard water bottle and a Starbucks cup and...   Read More

3D Coming Along

3D animation is in the creating stage, this is a little bit like cooking, you need the ingredients before you can actually start cooking,...   Read More

Screenplays for Social Change

How our students are writing up their own worlds of storytelling: As our exercises of cinematography, trivia and high-paced improvisational sessions began to cool...   Read More

November Programming Highlights

Trey Whitfield students are gifted, mature, intelligent, creative and precious. As we expose them to new experiences and stimulating conversations, we see their growth,...   Read More

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