Monthly STEAM Workshops at Jamaica SDA kicks off!

DIVAS For Social Justice/STEAM For Social Change offers the Jamaica SDA school free monthly interactive STEAM based workshops. Today we had our first workshop...   Read More

Through the Camera Lens

Welcome to Media Studies and Film 2017. I am so excited to work with a new core of students. I am looking forward to...   Read More

Where Art Meets Math: Symmetrical and Radial Balance Name Designs

Students have been exploring elements of design and how these art elements relate to math as well as other areas of learning. The 6th...   Read More

Web Design (complete)

After several weeks of web design when have students who have stuck it out and worked very hard and is now at this stage...   Read More

Virtual Reality as a tool for Social Change

Students have chosen two topics affecting the Bed-Stuy community for their Virtual Reality Projects. The topics are School Segregation and Community Gardens vs Affordable Housing. During...   Read More

Web Design (Stop Bullying)

DIVAS For Social Justice, Makeda Jnbaptiste is trying to make change and is using her new website as the tool to do so. Makeda has...   Read More

Web Design (ABOUT)

The students at the Macon Library location have been working on their ABOUT page, so far the students have added the written content for...   Read More

Motor Origami Frogs

This week we hosted an open house in the library to excite students for future projects. During the open house, students created a motorized...   Read More

Alternate Futures

This week the students . First the students thought about inventions in their every day lives. We had a discussion about technology and how...   Read More

Phase Two

The seventh-grade STEAM participants have been making enormous strides to the completion of the gym renovation floor plan project. They have officially finished designing...   Read More

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